Basic Suggestions


Basic Suggestions for Newcomers to N.A.


1. Find an NA meeting and start attending it as soon as possible. If you are in a treatment facility, attend a meeting the day you leave. Look at the schedule ahead of time. Know where you will go. If you do not have a schedule,


call 855-319-8869 if you are in eastern Kentucky,


call 859-253-4673 if you are in central Kentucky/Lexington area,


or 518-407-3262 if you are in southeastern Kentucky/Corbin area.


Or visit


Read this information pamphlet, which describes how NA meetings operate:

Click here: “An Introduction to Narcotics Anonymous Meetings”


You may also want to become familiar with the group readings used at NA meetings. Click on the following links:

-“Who is an Addict?”
-“What is the NA Program?”
-“Why are We Here?”
-“How it Works”
-“The Twelve Traditions of NA”
-“Just for Today”
-“We Do Recover”
-“Just for Today” Daily Meditation


2. Attending at least one meeting every day for the first 90 days of recovery (doing”90 in 90″) is a very good idea. It will help you to stay clean and develop healthy recovery practices early.


3. Arrive at meetings early to talk to other recovering addicts, and stay after the meeting to talk to other recovering addicts.


4. Find a home group to attend regularly and build a foundation of support in your recovery.


5. Read some NA literature every day. Start by reading the following information pamphlets and other items. Copies are available for free at most meetings, or you can click on the links below.

-“Welcome to Narcotics Anonymous”
-“Am I an Addict?” – Take the Quiz.
-“For the Newcomer”
-“Who, What, How, and Why?”

-“NA White Booklet, Narcotics Anonymous”


Also, get a copy of our “Basic Text, Narcotics Anonymous” and read it.


6. At meetings, get lists of phone numbers of addicts of the same sex and call those people on the lists.


7. Pray the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Just for today.”


8. Look for a sponsor as soon as you become acquainted with the members in your area. Follow his or her suggestions and start working steps. The Steps, as well as the Traditions, are listed toward the bottom of this page. To learn more about sponsorship, read the following information pamphlet:

“Sponsorship, Revised”


9. DON’T PICK UP THAT FIRST DRUG! DON’T USE no matter what happens! You NEVER have to use again!


10. Stay away from people, places and things from the days when you used drugs.


11. Easy Does it! Remember, you don’t have to accomplish it all today. Most of us used for a long time and we can’t expect to recover overnight. Keep your life simple and use your support systems. This will build a strong foundation for your recovery.


12. Most importantly, KEEP COMING BACK!